☮️Core values

BITMAN:Stable Computing Power Alliance in the Era of Shared Mining

In BITMAN's Global Computing Alliance, we bring miners together to share mining rewards. Through mining pool technology, we have improved the overall stability of mining, ensuring that every miner can easily participate in mining and enjoy rich profits. Our goal is to enable every ordinary person to easily mine and share the dividends brought by the era of encrypted digital assets。

Technological innovation

We view technology as the engine driving the development of the encryption community. With the help of our professional technical team, we provide diversified mining technical support for the project, from node construction to on chain data capture, to help the project achieve smooth implementation and success。

Consensus and autonomy

We firmly believe that decentralized community autonomy is the key to achieving win-win outcomes. Through the DAO model, every community member has the right to participate in important decisions and contribute wisdom to the development direction of the community。

Investment opportunity

BITMAN offers a variety of cooperation methods, from full custody to specialized custody for individual mining machines, providing investors with the opportunity to participate in top-level projects. Our goal is to enable you to reduce investment costs in the early stages and achieve higher returns。

Future outlook

We are not only committed to becoming a leading encryption community, but also plan to expand cooperation in areas such as public chain, DeFi, NFT, etc., to create broader opportunities and benefits for community members。