Hardware Technology Strength | Middle East Hardware R&D Base

Establishing the strongest computing power alliance center in Asia in the Middle East, unique geographical advantages, complete industrial manufacturing foundation, collaborating with multiple enterprises such as Nvidia and BitContinent to create the strongest hardware technology support in the computing power industry。

  • We deeply believe that technology is the core element driving project success. Through our technical support, we are committed to helping the smooth development of projects and creating more investment opportunities and value for community members. At Crypto Dao, we are driven by technological innovation to lead the mining encryption community towards a more brilliant future。

🍳simplify what is complicated

Delegate professional tasks to professionals, allowing users to participate with just one click and efficiently mine

👊 Breaking down barriers

Breaking through the barriers between mines and investors, mines are no longer superior, and every ordinary person can enjoy mining dividends

⛏ Compliant mines

All cooperating mines must comply with local policies, have legal mining qualifications, and have normal customs declaration and legal entry.

🏦 Guarantee of bank promissory note guarantee

Third party guarantee letter, issuing bank promissory note guarantee, can enjoy compensation in case of policy risks.

🛡 Insurance coverage

All products are insured for fear of accidents and worry free mining


Management team stationed at the mine to monitor the status of the mine in real-time